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10 Reasons To Hire a Creative Designer...

           ...and keep them on speed dial.

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1. Branding: Not just on the the horses hind-end anymore.

Do you have a brand? Is it well known in your industry? Are you happy with it? A creative

designer, and I am not just speaking of a graphic designer, but a person that can see the

big picture, someone who knows branding and can create a logo, a symbol that represents

your business at a glance. This can be the beginning of everything, all of your print, web,

social media, trade show exhibit, delivery trucks, apparel, even your company culture. A

professional creative designer can create a “Graphics Standards” publication that will

insure branding will be used correctly and manage it as well.


2. Web Presence: It’s getting more real than virtual.

Yes, the same person can also handle your website. This is where your branding, products,

colors, culture, and mission are put up for the whole world to see…well, we will have to get

the world to see it first, more later on. Your web interface UI, User interface and UX, user

experience , are a planned symphony, depending on what your business is, whether you

are selling a physical product or a service, a blog or charity. Whatever you do, you have to

connect to the public. A creative can get this done either by overseeing a developer,

designing and producing or creating the look and feel then handing off to a web developer.


3. Print: Yes, it’s gonna be around for a while longer.

You are gonna need business cards, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, various business

forms, direct mail pieces, rack cards, note pads, presentation folders, flyers, and many

more items that improve your profitability. One creative can not only make all this happen,

he can sync everything to your branding and web programs and kept all up-to-date and

well stocked. (see #1 and #2).


4. Signage: It tags the “brick and mortar” location and more.

This is another consideration when branding your organization. A sign can be anything from a little plaque on your rural mailbox, all the way up to a Las Vegas style huge electronic sign. This includes; banners, yard signs, window graphics, A- frame signs and posters. All of these items can get you noticed…call in the Pro creative designer again.


5. Social Media: Sharing with the community you're selling to is a must.

As I already mentioned, the world is watching, looking, searching for your product or service. You need to connect, update, and share. This would be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Pus, and many others. It seems that every day there is a new network. This is important to build and maintain your online community, this not only gets people to your website, it personalizes and enables you to answer questions. You need a designer to set this up and create promotion art and ideas for this medium.


6. SEO: Search Engine Optimization, The science of the search.

Optimization is a must if you want to come up on the first page of Google. They say the second page is a good place to hide a body. This is another service of a good digital designer. They know how to use keywords and the tricks to rank higher.


7. Blogging: The info pipeline of the Web.

A blog is considered premium content. It can inform and entertain but mostly it can lead  users right to your product. I would be glad to help with this.


8. Exhibits: When the wagons are circled and trading begins.

Your exhibit can consist of a table drape and banner, all the way up to a multi story structure at a national trade show…it needs to be maintained updated and kept looking state of the art.

This is another way your creative guy can keep you happy.


9. Promotions: Jump start that new product or event.

A Point of Purchase display, coupon promo, special offer. Premium Incentive Items like a coffee mug, thumb drive, or pen with your logo imprinted…just use the speed dial.


10. Product development: It's what this is all about, the product.

Want to change the world with your next product launch?…A creative will be a big help. Product ideation, branding, and promotion. A relationship with a creative is a good thing, he will always be keeping your interests in mind and have suggestions for improvements, upgrades and perhaps even the concept for the product itself and the next one.


You can’t afford not to have an on-going relationship with your designer.

Outsourcing services are scalable, meaning you won’t have to maintain staff in your office, plant or shop. Your creative, being an outside expert, won’t have the blocks that in-house employees are prone to, keeping the creativity flowing. This can lead to better products, promotions and an overall enhanced customer experience.


So, is it time program the speed dial?

By Corey Taggert


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