Rich Animated User Experiences

Animation is a great way to create rich user experiences, showing how things work, entertaining, expressing the essence of the subject being shown.


It's just plain fun. All of these animations started out as regular flat art made in Adobe Illustrator and brought into Adobe Animate to bring them to life. I have been using Illustrator since the 88 release and love it.







Vector illustration keeps your subject crisp and colorful at any size. With todays online world and all of the devices available, a vector .svg can resize from a phone to a large screen desktop or TV.


The Adobe Animate .oam file can stay in full resolution as well, all while enabling interaction. Take a look.


Add an interesting, informational, informative, interactive, custom animation to your next project! I would be glad to brainstorm with you.

Jimmy's Grotto Waukesha, Wisconsin

Technical Illustration-Packaging

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