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4 Ways to Avoid the A-Holes

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I believe most people in the world are basically good and mean well. A lot of church

going, God fearing people, people who would give you the shirt off their back and

put you up for the night if you needed help. Yes, they are out there.


Even the good people can have bad days or be a little selfish now and then, I am talking

about the folks who who rarely hesitate to take advantage, overstep, insult or just plain

trip you up.


“If you stay on the right path you might well be able to steer

around the hazards and not only prevent your day from being

ruined but also to keep you yourself from paying it forward to

another living person.”


There are two particular types of A- hole and it’s pretty simple... first you’ve got the

basic A-hole, or what I am calling; “The Knowing A-hole”, this is the person, for whatever

reason, who doesn’t really care about other people at all. This type is the genuine article

and should not be confused with the common ”Smart Ass” who, though irritating, is to

be taken less seriously than the former. Usually this is always a man, women in this

category would be usually referred to as “Bitches” with some kind of modifier in front

of the word. Even with the alternate term, some of the ladies still do not escape this



The second is the “Dumb A-hole” not to be confused with the “Dumb Ass” who just does

stupid things in an ignorant way, no, the Dumb A-Hole is a person who doesn’t even

realize that he/she is being selfish and hurting others. They just go thru the day doing

selfish things in selfish ways oblivious to the needs of those around them. Don’t these

folks have a clue that we are here on this planet together in communities to help

each other? Yes, they most likely do know this but want what they want anyway.


So, how do we stay on the path and avoid the A- hole problem? Here is a list of things I

have learned that might be of some help:


1. Behave: To put it plainly: Don’t be an A-Hole yourself. If you have issues, just remember

one of the most important reasons you are on the Terra firma ... and that would be other

humans. Just get over it . Then, you aren’t the cause of this issue. Are you suffering from

something yourself? Get back to basics and be thankful for what you do have.


2. Stay on the Path: Don’t empower an A-Hole by making it worse by aggravating him

 or her. Try to side-step this person and go around to get your work done. Do you work in

an efficient manner? This probably will not change this person a bit but why give him the

excuse to treat you poorly? Stay the course and get your work done.


3. Find an Alternative: At an office just closing the door can give you instant relief.

Relocate your workspace or work at home. If the problem is at home, go to the coffee shop,

one with WIFI and a great brew of course.  Chances are that you will have a much more

pleasant experience there.


4. Just Be Nice: If you have to interact with this person and there is no way around it, be

nice. Just be nice. At lunch time or your break, you can go outside, away from the smokers,

and practice your primal scream.


But, please if you are starting to feel a little feisty today, see tip #1..




By Annie Stewart Smith           May 5, 2017


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